What is ACCESS?

ACCESS Virtual Learning (Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide) is an education initiative of the Alabama Department of Education. It provides opportunities and options for all Alabama public high school students to engage in Advanced Placement (AP), elective, and other courses to which they may not otherwise have access or be able to schedule.

Content Overview

Once your child in registered in an Access Course:

  • Where do you find your child's lessons?
  • How do they contact their instructor and get important updates?
  • How do they find their assignments?

Schoology is the learning management system (LMS) for students utilizing ACCESS courses. Students will be able to find their lessons, instructor, important updates, and assignments.  Students will be able to communicate with their teacher through Schoology email.  


Grades from an ACCESS VCI course section will be calculated following the policies of the sending teacher’s school. The sending teacher will provide a copy of the grading policies and course syllabus to students and receiving schools at the beginning of the term in which a course is delivered.

All students in a Web-Based Instruction (WBI) course section will be graded using the same grading scheme. The teacher will communicate the grading scheme and pacing schedule to the receiving schools and students via the learning management system at the beginning of the term in which a course is delivered.

At the end of each term/semester, numerical grades will be provided to the student’s school for placement on official school records and distributed to students, parents or legal guardians per local policies. ACCESS grades will populate automatically in the local LEA’s PowerSchool program.



Course Home Review

Once you have logged into Schoology:

  • You will be taken to the Recent Activity Page.
  • Across the top, you can see the menu tabs "Courses," "Groups," and "Resources,"  
  • Click on the Courses tab to see ACCESS Courses where students have been enrolled. 
  • Click on the Course to see:
    • Materials/Content (lessons, quizzes/tests, discussions, and resources),
    • Updates (provides important information from the teacher.)
    • Grades (Shows grades on assignments and grading comments)
    • Attendance
    • Members
    • Communication (e-mail),
  • Student Orientation is at the beginning of coursework and must be completed before student can move to course assignments.
  • The Pacing Guide shows the schedule for the course and what you need to complete each week to stay on course.