What is the response from participants in the program?

“Having the Distance Learning Lab has given our students a confidence that they can compete with other students...”

Denise Stovall, Principal, R. A. Hubbard High School, Lawrence County Schools

“My students think that they have reached heaven. One student said that he wanted to live in that lab...the other student next to him told me that this was his favorite class ever!”

Adina Stone, Latin I IVC and Online Teacher, Sheffield High School, Sheffield City Schools

“What an exciting day! My students are so ‘ampt’ (in their words, not mine). They are excited to be part of such a unique program. I too am enthusiastic. Thanks for the great opportunity... Alabama now has a source to offer educators and students access to education of the future...and the future is now.”

Samantha Smith, Creative Writing Teacher, Alma Bryant High School, Mobile County Schools

“ACCESS has helped the Dallas County School System maintain and expand course offerings when we were either unable to recruit or fund a highly-qualified teacher. Without ACCESS, students at my high schools would not have been able to participate in courses such as Advanced Placement Calculus, Latin, Shakespeare, etc. The ACCESS service delivery model has also helped educators become more creative and innovative in the delivery of quality curricula.”

Dr. Fannie L. Major-McKenzie, Superintendent, Dallas County Schools