What are some of the major accomplishments in the implementation of Access?

• Awarded grants in September 2012 to assist 85 schools in upgrading their ACCESS 21st Century virtual learning classroom.
• Increased enrollments seen every year, now serving over 396 schools and 29,000 students, which represents over 62,000 half credit enrollments.
• Increased courses available to 24 Middles School and 79 High School courses including five foreign languages, 11 AP courses, and 21 credit recovery courses
- The NCAA has approved 54 ACCESS courses for eligibility purposes. Credit Recovery Courses do not qualify.
• Received positive reports from the International Society for Technology in Education, the outside evaluator of the program, indicated that all implementation deadlines were met as outlined in the ACCESS VL Plan. Interview results showed that over 75% of students and 82% of teachers involved in ACCESS felt that their virtual school experience was as good as or better than that for traditional courses.
• More than 900 teachers have been trained in eLearning course delivery.
• Received over $6.2 million in E-Rate Funding.
• Received over $1 million in federal grant dollars from the Appalachian Regional Commission.