Troubleshooting Tips


• Minimum Computer Requirements for Online Courses:


  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 22 or higher
  • Apple Safari 6 or higher
  • Google Chrome 28 or higher


• Disable all pop-up blockers.
• D2L Email - ensure you have set the Filter By option to All Messages.
• D2L Course Home - at the bottom of the News section, click the Show All button.
• D2L Font Settings should not be greater than 11.



• Once your VCI equipment is working properly, take a picture of all connections for reference.

• Place labels on the VCI equipment and cables.

• Who does the teacher/facilitator contact if a VCI connection doesn’t work?

  1. School-level technology coordinator
  2. District Technology Contact
         District may need to contact Alabama Super Computer
  3. Regional Support Center


Enabling Flash in Chrome

Attached is a short, video showing how to enable the three ACCESS domains in Chrome and to verify that they are allowed. In most cases this will resolve any Flash issues. It also appears that you can no longer bulk add sites to a whitelist for Flash in Chrome. Instead, you have to do this as demonstrated in the video, visiting the URL and selecting Allow.

     Enabling Flash in Chrome Video

     Domains to “allow”: