How will science labs be conducted in ACCESS receiving sites? What are the requirements of the lab facilitator?

Labs required for all science courses may include both virtual labs and hands-on laboratory experiences. Hands-on labs will be facilitated only by teachers who have training in the proper and safe handling and use of laboratory equipment. The local receiving school will be responsible for securing a lab facilitator. Adequate supervision must be provided for all hands-on laboratory activities. These labs may be handled in a variety of ways at receiving sites. Ideally, a science teacher at the receiving site who is teaching other science courses may facilitate the lab activities. A biology teacher, for example, may facilitate labs for one or two students taking AP Chemistry in a small rural school. The lab facilitator will not be responsible for day-to-day activities in the receiving classroom. Additionally, SDE and/or local school officials will assist schools in leveraging other existing resources when possible. These might include Science in Motion and local community/college/university lab facilitators, as appropriate, to ensure appropriateness of content and the safety of students in laboratory activities.