Computer Programming BASIC Course Change

Guidance Counselors – Please note that the Computer Programming BASIC (0.5 credit) course offered by ACCESS in past years has been replaced by Computer Programming I (1.0 credit), which meets the description for Intro to Computer Programming Concepts (#925622). The new course includes several updates. Computer Programming I now teaches Python and Java, the top two programming languages of 2015, rather than QBASIC. In addition, the use of a free Windows emulation system will reduce problems that some Mac OS students had with required software installations.

While the full course will prepare students well for the AP Computer Science course, students who may not be able to take the 1.0 credit option can get a good introduction to Python by completing the first 0.5 credit of the course.   

Please note that this course will require several free software installations over the duration of the course, so you may need to plan ahead with your technology coordinator. In addition, please note that the Chrome OS on Chromebooks DOES NOT meet the minimum requirements for this course.