Am I a good candidate for an ACCESS class?

Successful online students possess identifiable qualities. The most important qualities would include self-discipline and self-motivation.  Initially, the online learning process may appear to operate at an accelerated pace. This will require commitment on part of the student to stay up with the class and complete all work on time.  Once a student gets behind, it is very difficult to catch up. 

Here are some characteristics of successful online learners: 

  • are self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • stay on task without direct supervision
  • like to figure things out without direct assistance
  • prioritize workload effectively
  • can successfully work alone
  • are good at assessing their own progress
  • like working with computers and software programs
  • enjoy the challenge of working with new technology 
  • are good at following instructions 
  • use email and can create messages with attached files 
  • can download and install programs from the Internet 
  • can search the Web 
  • can copy and paste from one program to another 
  • rarely procrastinate 
  • enjoy communicating in writing and reading the writing of others 
  • work with others to complete projects 
  • seek assistance when problems arise 
  • take an active role in the learning process

Do not disregard the importance of the qualities listed above; they will determine your success. 

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