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D2L Email Overview

Desire2Learn (D2L) has its own email system. That means that all students, facilitators, and teachers have a D2L email. Students should use D2L email when contacting their teachers, not school or personal accounts. Your email is the D2L username you login with followed by @access.desire2learn.com.

Example 1: If your username is hermoine.granger, your D2L email is hermoine.granger@access.desire2learn.com

Example 2: If your username is christopher.smith89, your D2L email is christopher.smith89@access.desire2learn.com

You only have one email, even if you are enrolled in several classes. All of your email from all of your teachers will come to this single email account. If you take more ACCESS classes next year, your email and username will stay the same.

As a student, your D2L email has some limits. You are only able to send to and receive email within D2L. You should only email your teacher and facilitators at their D2L email addresses. If you try to use their school email, your message will not go through.

Let’s learn a little more about D2L Email.

Emailing from Classlist


Using Folders in Email


Replying to Email


Attaching a File


Opening an Attachment