During most auditions, you will be asked to do several different types of acting and performing. You may be asked to do one, some, or all of the following:

  • Perform a monologue, which you usually choose on your own and prepare/practice beforehand

  • Perform “sides,” which are small, hand-picked portions from the script of the play you are auditioning for (generally, these are given as a “cold read,” meaning that you are given the “sides” at the audition and have very little preparation time)

  • Perform a song/dance routine (usually separately), especially if you are auditioning for a musical (you are generally given the opportunity to choose, prepare, and practice this on your own beforehand)

  • Provide “head shots,” or professional photographs of yourself

  • Provide an acting résumé in which you give detailed information about your previous acting experience, talents, skills, and interests.

It is important that you are aware of what will be expected of you at an audition; however, you may not be asked to do all that is listed above at every audition. At some point, nonetheless, depending on the type of play for which you are auditioning, you will be required to do at least some of the above.

Watch the Acting Tips Videos from NYCDA for more information.


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