You’ve done it! You have reached the end of the Student Orientation. Now, it is time to see what you have learned.

Go to Assessment >> Quizzes and take the ACCESS Student Orientation Test. It is a ten-question multiple-choice test. Many of the questions will be pulled from the Try Its in your Student Orientation lessons. You might want to take a few minutes and play the games again to review.Note - the ACCESS Student Orientation Test will not be available until you complete both the Student Introduction Discussion AND the Student Information Dropbox.

The ACCESS Student Orientation Test will not count for a grade. However, you must pass this test with a 90% in order to unlock the content for your course. You can have as many attempts as you need to pass this test. If you don’t pass, don’t panic. Review the questions you missed and try again. 

Reminder: There are four things you must complete in order to move on to your course.

  1. Send your teacher an introduction email, displaying appropriate netiquette.
  2. Post in the Student Introduction Discussion.
  3. Submit the Student Information sheet to the Student Information Dropbox.
  4. Pass the ACCESS Student Orientation Test with a 90%.

Good luck!