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ACCESS and Student Services

The first person you should contact if you need help is your ACCESS teacher. Your ACCESS teachers should  post their contact information on the Course Home page. Email them to let them know you are struggling. If they have office hours, try to come to ask your questions. If they allow phone calls or text, reach out. Their job is to help you succeed.

When you reach out to your ACCESS teachers, tell them  what you are struggling with. Be as specific as possible. Include which lessons and what concepts, problems, or examples are challenging you. The more information you give, the more help they can offer. And that’s what your ACCESS teachers are there for – to help you.

You can also ask your facilitators or counselors for help. They may be able to refer you to services your school can offer, such as tutoring or peer mentors.

ACCESS does not have an ACCESS tutoring program or student support service. So if you need help, you must reach out to your teachers. Do not be afraid to ask. Your ACCESS teachers cannot see you, so they may not know you are having a tough time. Talk to your teachers early and often so they know how you are doing – even if you are doing well. Review the study habits from the Student Orientation to figure out how you can actively support your learning. And make sure that you are consistently working in your course.