Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Science

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Algebra I

Snap! This is a free website with a programming tool. Students can work on it without an account, but they will need to register to save their longer projects. Registration requires an external email that must be verified.
Crash Course Computer Science from PBS Learning (
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This is a 1.0 credit high school computer science course focused on the development of skills in computational thinking and digital literacy. Students will discover how they already act as computational thinkers, digital citizens, collaborators, analysts, and designers within their everyday lives. They will develop and apply these skills within computer science contexts to solve problems or discuss issues related to digital tools, global collaboration, ethical and legal behavior, and security, privacy, and safety in a digital world. Students will engage in individual and collaborative projects to create authentic products. Prerequisite: It is recommended that students have completed Algebra I prior to enrolling or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra I. Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Science is designed to be a college preparatory high school course and thus, should provide a rigorous, but accessible, introduction to computer science. No previous computer science experience is required.