Important Changes to the AP Student Datafile


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Important Changes to the Student Datafile


Dear AP Educator,

An exciting change is coming to your AP® Online Score Reports. Your student datafile, a downloadable CSV (comma separated value) file containing all your students' data for a specific administration, will undergo improvements that will make the file easier to use.

Beginning on June 10, your datafile will contain double quotes (" ") around each piece of data/text as a text qualifier. As a result, commas and special characters in your data won't be lost and will remain in your student data without negatively impacting your data processing. Below is an example of what the beginning of a student record will look like when you open the student datafile CSV as a text file and then in Excel.

If your school uses the Student Datafile to load AP scores and other student data into your information system, please check with your IT staff or vendor that they can support this change, particularly if the process is automated/scripted. Review the current 2018 student datafile layout (.pdf/99 KB), and stay tuned for the 2019 version of this layout, which will be available later this spring.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact AP Services at 877-274-6474 (toll-free n the U.S. and Canada) or 212-632-1781.


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