Beginning Kinesiology

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Subject Area: 
1 Credit Course, Block, Trimester
Testing Requirements: 
Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment administered one times during the course

Headphones or speaker
Course does not require a textbook
Students will regularly need access to: a safe space to run a minimum suggested distance of 200 meters daily; a jump rope and an area for jumping rope; dumbbells, barbells and plates, free weights, or exercise bands; facilities to change into appropriate exercise apparel daily; audio equipment for testing in the Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment; stop watch or other timing equipment


Description: NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY COURSE THAT FULFILLS THE GRADUATION REQUIREMENT FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION. This course encompasses the basic concepts of athletics and fitness, and introduces students to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological, and mechanical principals of human movement. This course consists of a cognitive component and a physical activity component. The cognitive component will require access to a computer for one to two hours per week and additional time performing physical activity or exercises. The exercises that the students will perform to satisfy the physical activity requirements for the class cannot be completed in a typical computer lab or classroom space. In addition, students enrolled in this course will complete the Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment. It is the school’s responsibility to provide appropriate personnel to administer the test. The ACCESS Beginning Kinesiology course will provide instruction in the proper form and technique for the exercises in the course. In addition, the activities planned for this course should be considered safe for most students if directions are followed. However, the student’s school of record is ultimately responsible for ensuring safety during the exercises including providing appropriate facilities, equipment, and oversight for the physical activity portion of this course.