Algebra with Finance

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Algebra with Finance is a college and career preparatory course that integrates algebra, Precalculus, probability and statistics, calculus and geometry to solve financial problems that occur in everyday life. Real-world problems in investing, credit, banking, auto insurance, mortgages, employment, income taxes, budgeting and planning for retirement are solved by applying the relevant mathematics that are taught at a higher level. Students are encouraged to use a variety of problem-solving skills and strategies in real-world contexts, and to question outcomes using mathematical analysis and data to support their findings. The course offers students multiple opportunities to use, construct, question, model, and interpret financial situations through symbolic algebraic representations, graphical representations, geometric representations, and verbal representations. Math concepts and skills are applied through study and problem-solving activities in workforce situations in the following areas: banking, investing, employment and income taxes, automobile ownership and operation, mathematical operations, consumer credit, independent living, and retirement planning and budgeting. This course may be used as the fourth math credit, a substitute for Algebra II, or an elective. This course is also available as a Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement Course. Please read the statement regarding Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement.