Algebra II

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Successful Completion of Geometry
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NOTE: FULFILLS ONE OF THE FOUR MATHEMATICS CREDITS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION. THE PREREQUISITES FOR ALGEBRA II ARE ALGEBRA I AND GEOMETRY. Algebra II is a course designed to extend students’ algebraic knowledge and skills beyond Algebra I. Students are encouraged to solve problems using a variety of methods that promote the development of improved communication skills and foster a deeper understanding of mathematics. To help students appreciate the power of algebra, application-based problems are incorporated throughout the course. The use of appropriate technology is also encouraged for numerical and graphical investigations. Algebra II is required to complete the graduation requirements for the Alabama High School Diploma. Algebra II does not provide sufficient background to prepare students to pursue higher-level mathematics courses such as Pre-Calculus, Analytical Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics.

This course is also available as a Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement Course. Please read the statement regarding Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement.