ACCESS Update for 2019-2020


New Student Orientation

  • Beginning Fall Term 2019, the Student Orientation will be a stand-alone module in D2L.
  • Returning and New Students are required to complete the Student Orientation just one time per academic year.
  • When a Request is entered in ILive, the student is automatically enrolled in the Student Orientation module in D2L.
  • Students must make at least 90% on the Student Orientation Test for an Offer to be made in ILive. If there seems to be a delay in Offers being made, check to see if your students are stuck in the Student Orientation.
  • If a student does not complete the Student Orientation in a timely manner, their Request may be cancelled by the ALSDE.


D2L Password Changes

  • Student passwords will be reset every school year to D2LUserNameMMDDYY.
    • D2LUserName can be found in ILive under “Students > Search ILive > Search button”.
    • MMDDYY is the student’s birthday.
    • Example:D2LUserName = jane.doe05

      Birthday = 2/5/01

      Password = jane.doe05020501

  • Students may personalize their password once they are enrolled in a course from their D2L homepage by clicking Account Settings in their “My Settings” widget.



  • Please enter the applicable accommodations into ILive as soon as possible when a student is enrolled in an ACCESS course.
  • The information can be entered by clicking on the student’s name in ILive and going to the IEP/504 tab.
  • PDFs do not copy correctly. You must copy/paste from a Word type document using ctrl + c and ctrl + v, OR type the information in directly.
  • Required Information:
    • Pages documenting Special Education and Related Services
    • Signature page
    • Must show valid dates of services
  • IEP/504 data will be cleared out of ILive each year in preparation for the next school year. This year, this occurred was be July 19th.



Exam Exemptions


  • Exemptions are requested via an ALSDE-provided Google Sheet link. If you have questions, please contact your ACCESS Support Center.
  • If a student takes their exam, either before or after an approved exemption request, the grade they earn stands.


Work In Progress (WIP)


  • WIPs are requested on the same Google Sheet as Exam Exemptions. If you have any questions, please contact your ACCESS Support Center.
  • Schools have a 3-week window to request a WIP – please refer to the Google Sheet for specific dates each enrollment term.
  • A student must have at least a numeric 40 Term Average and have submitted at least 30% of their course assignments in each enrolled half-credit for the ALSDE to approve a WIP.
  • Once approved, the student will have up to 5-weeks to complete their work. Actual work dates are also included on the Google Sheet.



  • These emails will go out every Wednesday starting in September.You only receive this email, if a student is inactive for 14 or more days (activity is submitting assignments) and/or your student(s) has below a 70 average (The is the ALERT).
  • The first column in the email is Alert and the second is Inactive. An “X” is placed there to designate why the student is on the list.


AP Changes

AP has changed for the 2019-2020 school year! To support student success, the exam registration and ordering has moved to the fall. The registration deadline is November 15, 2019, with a late registration fee of $40. College Board has also introduced new AP resources for teaching and learning. It is imperative that students, parents, teachers, facilitators, and coordinators are aware of the new registration deadlines and the resources that are now available.


  • The shift in registration gives students an opportunity to commit early to taking the AP Exam, which is likely to keep student more engaged in the AP course. The increased engagement has shown to increase the chance of earning a score of 3 or higher on exams.
  • The new resources provide focused content, greater efficiency, and more flexibility to help students succeed in the classroom and reduce the administrative burden on schools.
  • A Simple 5-minute digital activation process completed by AP teachers and students at the beginning of the year.
  • New classroom resources, including unit guides and personal progress checks, and
  • Streamlined ordering processes, including personalized registration labels for students that eliminate the need for lengthy pre-registration bubbling sessions.