Whether you are a first time online student or a master in disguise, go through the Student Orientation topics. To begin, select a topic at the bottom left of your screen where it says Orientation Topics. In each topic of the Student Orientation, there will be an Introduction to the lesson, a Learn that provides you with important information about your topic, and a Try It for you to practice. You will have one Task at the end of the orientation. You will move through each orientation topic by selecting the Previous or Next buttons at the bottom of your screen. You may also print the documents for each tutorial within the topics to place in your ACCESS binder.

If you need to see the topic choices or return to this page again, select ""Home in the menu on the left side of your screen.

Orientation Topics:


ACCESS Student of the Year

Haley Dorn is the recipient for the 2013-2014 ACCESS Student of the Year. Watch her video describing her positive outcome in each of her ACCESS classes.