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ACCESS Grades Policy

Let’s take a look at the ACCESS Grades policy. According to  page 7

“At the end of each term/semester, numerical grades will be provided to the student’s school for placement on official school records and distribution to students and parents or legal guardians in accordance with local policies.

Numerical grades shall be assigned by the online teacher and accepted by the participating high school. Honor points, weighting, and other special considerations will be made, when appropriate, at the discretion of the local school administration”

What does this mean?  First, you’ll get a numerical percentage grade from 0 - 100% from ACCESS. Your school will accept this grade.

So imagine you earned a 91% in your ACCESS class. What’s your letter grade?  That depends on your school. ACCESS only assigns the numerical or percentage grade. Your school assigns the letter grade based on their scale. Make sure you know your school’s grading scale so you know what numerical grade you need in your ACCESS class.

The ACCESS Grades Policy also says

Each ACCESS one-credit course is divided into two semesters or terms. Student grades are cumulative for each individual semester/term. The local school may average the two grades if a course grade is needed.

This means that if you are in a 1.0 credit course, you will receive one grade for the first half of the course and a second grade for the second half of the course. ACCESS will report these two grades. If your school requires a single grade, they will average the grades themselves.