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You Can Teach AP CSP




Dear AP Teacher,


You already transform students' lives with your instruction and dedication. Consider expanding that success by teaching AP® Computer Science Principles (CSP) in 2019. AP CSP was designed to expand access to computer science education to all students, especially those who are traditionally underrepresented in computer science.


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Attend a Webinar


We invite you to learn more about the course—its value and structure, how to teach it, professional development opportunities, best practices in course implementation, and more.


Join us for a webinar on October 18, 4–5 p.m. ET.


Join us for a webinar on November 1, 7–8 p.m. ET.


Why You Can Teach This Course


You can use your creativity and instruction skills to help students explore how computing and technology impact the world around them. A background in computer science is not required for you to teach AP CSP, or for students to succeed in the course. More than 4,100 teachers from various fields of study taught AP CSP, and more than 75,000 students took the exam this past May.


Various professional development options are available to you. You can attend College Board trainings, or adopt ready-to-use curricula offered by expert education organizations endorsed by the College Board.


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