Seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

The ACCESS Course Development team is seeking teachers to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs). We will be revising, rewriting, and developing the following courses over the 2017-2018 school year:

Arts Education

  • Elements of Arts Literacy (minor revision)
  • Theatre (rewrite)

Middle School Core

  • Grade 8 Language Arts (new development)
  • Grade 8 Social Studies (new development)
  • Grade 7 Language Arts (new development)
  • Grade 7 Social Studies (new development)

World Languages

  • French I (revision)
  • French II (revision)
  • French III (revision)
  • German I (revision)
  • German II (revision)
  • German III (revision)
  • Latin I (minor revision)
  • Latin II (minor revision)
  • Latin III (minor revision)
  • Mandarin Chinese I (revision)
  • Mandarin Chinese II (revision)
  • Spanish I (minor revision)
  • Spanish II (minor revision)
  • Spanish III (revision)
  • Spanish IV (revision)

The SME positions are paid positions that will require a significant time commitment. Course revision projects will differ in scope based on alignment with the new courses of study as well as accessibility and effectiveness of the current course. Therefore, the time commitment for the projects will vary. Pay will be based on the estimated time commitment for each course outside of the required training.

If you are interested in learning more about the SME positions, please go to this link for more information and application instructions:

Please also share this information with any other teachers who may be interested. You do not have to be an ACCESS teacher in order to serve as an SME or reviewer for a course.