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Dear AP English Literature and Composition Teacher,

Start your academic year off with resources and support—enroll in AP® Mentoring, an online teacher-to-teacher professional learning program. The deadline to enroll is August 31, 2018, so sign up today!

AP Mentoring connects you with an expert AP teacher who has significant instructional experience and deep content knowledge. You and your mentor—with a group of up to three other teachers—meet monthly via video chat to share strategies that will help your students succeed in the classroom and on the AP English Literature and Composition Exam.

You can learn more about what is covered in AP Mentoring sessions by reviewing the AP Mentoring English Literature and Composition session outline.

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Choose from two AP Mentoring programs:

AP Mentoring Full-Year, aimed at providing support and connection throughout the school year, offers 10 sessions between August 2018 and July 2019.
Enrollment deadline: August 31, 201

AP Mentoring Spring Support, aimed at providing support in the months before the AP Exam, offers four sessions between January and May 2019.
Enrollment deadline: December 31, 2018

Comments from past participants in AP Mentoring

"Having a mentor who has readily available resources that will work with the situations I am encountering is fantastic. A second pair of eyes and ears is so very helpful."

"I have enjoyed the camaraderie with other teachers and realizing that they face some of the same issues as me."

"My mentor answered literally all of my questions and was prompt when I had questions in between our meetings. The information and guidance he gave me were 'spot on' and helped me finish up the class with a vision and action plan that I did not have before."

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If you have any questions about the AP Mentoring program, please contact us at apmentoring@collegeboard.org.


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