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C A S T (Connecting Access Staff and Teachers)


Inside the professional learning site, teachers can find the following informational and tutorial items:

  • Open source technology information
  • Supplemental reading and interesting links for distance learning tips
  • Help for ongoing changes in the Desire2Learn Learning Environment
  • Chatroom for teachers and staff only
  • Discussion boards and content-specific blogs
  • Content-specific group collaborative tools
  • Desire2Learn training manuals for teachers, facilitators, and students
  • Teacher and student policy manuals
  • Outside online training opportunities
  • Ongoing professional learning modules which include training in Wimba Voice Tools, Elluminate, NetTrekker, Curriculum Pathways, and other Web tools used in the distance learning environment
  • ACCESS global announcements
  • ACCESS teacher profiles
  • Resources links
  • Teacher-to-Teacher sharing

You must have a Desire2Learn (D2L) log in to access the CAST site.

Did you know the SDE offers one-hour online professional learning activities for ACCESS teachers?

Fifteen different learning sessions will be offered throughout the spring term. 

To take a look at the session, please visit our ACCESS Calendar located on the CAST Home page.

Sessions will be offered via WebEx with links provided on each STIPD session enrollment page. Go to to find the session for which you want to enroll (be sure to sort by all LEAs). 

Recorded Session Instructions:

1. After listening to the entire recording, exit the WebEx session recording and from the Assessment dropdown menu in CAST, click on the Discussions link.

2. Under the module titled "Ongoing PD Discussions", select and click on the topic that matches the session topic you viewed.

3. Compose a reply to the prompts listed under the topic and "Post" your reply. Your replies will be read and the support center will receive a list of those participants who completed the discussion post assignments during the month. This may be completed at any time before the end of the month in which you enroll in STIPD in order to receive credit for that month only.

Note:  All ACCESS Teachers must participate in the six required sessions over the academic year (annotated by *).


If you have any questions concerning CAST, please contact Regina White.